Sure Signs He Likes You - Secrets Only the Top Seductresses Know

Published: 02nd September 2010
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Have you ever learned about body language? Do you often feel like your man is saying one thing, but feeling something else? When he tells you he's happy with everything the way it is, does something inside tell you he's lying? Have you ever wondered what he is REALLY thinking and what he's not telling you? Why can't a man just tell you what he's REALLY feeling?

Why does he get all flustered and bothered when you ask him a direct question? Wouldn't you love it if there was a manual that taught you how to read men's thoughts?

If a woman understood body language, it would give her a big advantage over men. All those other women who are confused about men would no longer be competition for you. Imagine what beating 99% of your competition will do for your love life.

You can get started immediately if you learn these three body clues:

Towards whom is his chest turning? A man might be looking at and talking to somebody else, pretending he hasn't noticed you. However, his upper body will be pointing towards the real object of his attention.

A man's upper body is the best indicator of his romantic interest in a woman. If his chest is facing ever so slightly in your direction, you know he's thinking about you. Odds are, he is really more interested in you than in anyone else in the room.

The Hypnotic Gaze.

This is a little tricky, since 2 types of guys do it. Most guys do this when they are so mesmerized they can't take their eyes off a girl, but players do it on purpose to make women believe they're in love. Don't read too much into the longing gaze of a sexy guy, since he probably knows exactly what he's doing and why. Talk to him for awhile and find out what kind of guy he is first.

The Most Trustworthy Test:

Whatever you are saying, his eyes are sparkling. How often do you see the lights go on when you are having a conversation? If the sparks only fly a few times while you're out on a dinner date, just take advantage of the free meal - it's likely this is the only date you will be having with him.

If the twinkle never leaves his eyes, you know that he's falling in love with you. The eyes only sparkle and shine when a guy is really enamored of a girl - the eyes never lie.

Knowing how his physical actions truly mean is a great first step to help you decide his feelings toward you. In most cases, a man's body language will always reveal the Sure Signs He Likes You or not. Now, how to get a guy to like you shouldn't be that difficult, since you know how to find out the signs he likes me.

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